Hazrat Shah Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad (Rd).

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem - In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Assalaatu Wassalaamu Alaika Yaa Saiyyadul Mursaleen.


1269 Hijri. (1852/53)
12 Rabbi ul Awwal 1324 H. (06th may 1906)

I (Shah. ‘Mohd Malang Masoom Naqshbandi’) am the second author of "Ainul Hayaat" the first being Fakrul Auliya Hazrat Khwaja Shah Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd.. I am duplicating His biography, in His own words and I have tired to use the same words as much as possible. ‘Hazrat Khwaja Shah Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. writes that:


I got the rewarded with the Title "Abul Khair" and "Mujarrad" and my name is Gulam Mohammad Naseerudin & Khairuddin. I was born in the year 1269 Hijri.

In fact my according is a few dust and my origin is one drop of unclean. (Haqeeqat me hasab mera ek chutki khaak aur nasab mera ek qatra naapaak hai.)
I am the son of Fazulddin bin (s/o) Haji Gulam Murtuza Shayar (poet) sword maker, who was a eleventh grandson of sixth Mughal emperor Mohiuddin Aurangzeb Alamgir Shahenshah Ghazi (Conqueror) of Delhi. I was brought up by my Maternal grandfather Shaikh Allahdia Ex Tehsildaar of Peshwar.
I learnt the nuances of external knowledge from Hazrat Maulana Maulvi Azeemullah, Hazrat Maulana Maulvi Hafeezullah and Hazrat Maulana Maulvi Janab Abul Fazl Fazluddin Rh. All three were the best among the Ulema and Fazla, of their times in Lahore.
I learnt the skills and profession for my daily source of income from Ustad Sher Ali and I learnt the art of blacksmith from Ustad Meheruddin, embroidery from Ustad Salaamuddin and the art of Painting from Pandit Bhavani Dasji May Allah’s Mercy be upon them.

Being fond of traveling, I learnt the art of going on journey from my uncle Hasanuddin. For the first journey I accompanied him to Junagadh in Katthyaawaad. During the journey I learnt calligraphy, Arabic, Persian from Maulana Dost Mohammad Katib Jamnagri (An expert Calligraphist). For some months I worked in the railway workshops in Ajmer and Lahore. In Lahore I worked with a theatre group for few months.


During the period of my stay at Ajmer I was initiated into secrets of internal knowledge. In this fondness affection I started the journey second time to get knowledge, Blessings & kissing the foot of great Auliya (Saints) due to my unending search for knowledge.

During my journey to different place I got the privilege of meeting many great Sufis those are a complete learned men in internal and external knowledge of their time. Some of them were Maulana Shaikh-ul-Waqt Hazrat Mohammad Abdul Rehmaan Rd., Shaikh Raees Badruddin Kandhahar. I also acquired knowledge from Shaikh Mohammad Noor Sahab Dahuraji Katthyaawaad, from Azeem Shah Majzub Rd. in Lahore, Qutub-ul-waqt Hazrat Qurbaan Ali Shah Rd. in Indore, and from Maulana Akhoon Sahab pune (May Allah`s Mercy be on all of them).

First time I got the prestige of Baia (Baith-Pledge) from the hands of Hazrat Qutub-ul-Akhtab wa (and) Qutub-ul-Irshad means Chief of Autaads (certain of saints-regarded as the props of the faith), Aftab-e-Punjab (Sun of Punjab) Khwaja Shah Allah Baksh Qudduse sirrahu Rd. and received the knowledge of the Tariqah Silsilah Chistiya-Nizamiya.

My second Baia (Baith-Pledge) was in Tariqah Qadriya silsilah from Hazrat Aazam Ali Shah Rd. who used to stay at Pipalgaon, district Nasik.

For the third time I got Blessing and took the Baia (Baith-Pledge) in the Naqshbandi Mujaddadi from the hands of Hazrat Qutub-Ul-Akhtab Janab Haji Mohammad Abdullah Sahab Panipati Rd.

It happened in an incident that I got the prestige of Blessing and Baia (Baith-Pledge) in Tariqah Awesiyah thru the hands of Hazrat Gaus-ul-Aazam Mohiyuddin Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rd.

I got the Khilafat from Hazrat Haji Mohammad Abdullah Sahab Rd. and I got the order of moving to Khandesh and continue. Hazrat Haji Mohammad Abdullah Sahab Rd. called me by the name of "MUJARRAD".


Once in the town of Chopda, Khandesh there was no rain, due to which there was a lot of suffering amongst the people. Due to this a few people who had faith in Hazrat Shah Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Lahoree Rd. (Like janab Abdul Latif Sahab Seth, Janab Mohammad Hanif Sahab Faujdaar, Janab Shaikh Mehboob Sahab Thanedar) went to Him and requested Him to pray for rain, so that the suffering of the people is eased. Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. accepted their request after a lot of insistence and left for Namaz at the Idgah a long with a few Mominin (noble person) and residents of Chopda.


But on that day the prayers of Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. were not answered and there was no rain. This was due to the fact that it was ALLAH’S will due to which the rain were delayed. Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. unrelentingly prayed for I whole week, sitting at the same place. During this time, a few harsh words of Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. offended the dignity of Buzuragane Deen (Holy Saints). Due to this Hazrat Ghouse-ul- Azam Mohiyuddin Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilaani Rd. warned Him through a revelation that, “ Don’t be proud. In this way there will be no rain through out your life. Do tauba (repentance) then only there will be rainfall. Otherwise I will confiscate all your knowledge.


Immediately after this Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. Face turned dark and the glow left His face. Then Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. Repented and also told all mureed (disciples) and other people to do tauba (repentance) And beg forgiveness. Then Hazrat Ghouse-ul-Azam Rd. favoured Him with His kindness and forgave Him completely. Consequently it rained in such a way that all people, small and big were happy. Nobody had believed that it would rain in this year, this miracle was due to the blessings of Hazrar Ghouse-ul-Azam Rd. Due to this miracle, the light of Islam shone in the eyes of the people.


The moral of this event, that just because of uttering a few harsh words, the face of Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. had turned dark and dull. Therefore, any person, rich or poor, should not utter words, which offend the dignity of the Holy Saints, due to which the life in this world and Aakherat may be spoiled.


Hazrat shah khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. sys in all modesty that “I was very enthusiastic in visiting the mazar-e-sharif (tomb) of the great Saints, right from the childhood and I used to like place of solitude. I used to receive spiritual benefits from most of the mazars (tombs), which I used to visit. It is not require to reveal all this, but only for knowing the greatest of servant and knowledge of Ma’arefat”


Hazrat Shah khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. says, that “I have seen Hazrat Rasool e Akram (saws) with His Companions (Ashaab) Rd., Hazrat Ghouse-Ul-Azam Rd. Hazrat Laqman Hakeem (A.s) and Khawaja Yakub Charkhi Rd. in my dreams and I have received spiritual benefit from them”


Hazrat shah khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. say, that “I saw Hazrat Rasool-e-Akram (saws) not only for a second time but also for the third time I also got the chance of meeting and shaking hands (paying respect) with Sayyedna Hazat Umar Rd. when I came out of the meeting I saw that the moon was hight in the sky. I also saw a crowd of the different types of races, which the Almight Allah has created. At that time I was uttering that “Banda who Khairuddin Na raha”


Hazrat shah khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. says, that “ I went to the Mazar–e–Sharif (tomb) of Hazrat Maulana Rumi Rd. and discussed regarding a verse of poetry and I got the answer from the tomb. That verse is writtenin the book ”Chamanistan” I see my Peer-o-Murshid (Shaykh)” at all times and I feel that ALLAH’s brilliance is continuously being showered on my heart”

The name of His Disciple which He mentioned in His Book "Qawayet-Ul-Fuqrah";
In Tariqa-e-Qadariya
01. Son of Mohammad Hanif
02. Shaikh Baksh Jamaadar
03. Sharfuddin Salidaar
04. Mohammad sahab Irandawali
In Tariqa-e-Naqshbandiya
01. Mohammad Hanif Faoujdaar Khandes
02. Shaikh Kareem Hakeem Irandawali
Hazrat Saheballah (Shah Mohammad Malang Masoom Naqshbandi) adds further that Hazrat Khwaja Shah Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad Rd. was a very noble saint and the knowledge He acquired was matchless. He received Khilafat from all the Silsilahs in which He took the oath of allegiance. He guided a lot of people on the true path of Allah through the knowledge of the Silsilahs, Chistiya, Qadriya and Naqshbandiya. He did not give the permission of Suharwardiya chain to any body. Along with being a matchless spiritual person He was also a Poet and Writer. He has authorized many books, which are treasure of knowledge for a seeker on the spiritual path. Like "Ainul Hayat - Chirag Alwi", "Kawaytul Fukra", "Jawahir-ul-Mujarrad", "Daftar-e-Insaaf" and " Deewaan-e-Mujarrad" through which thousands of seekers on the path of knowledge get the strength of facing the difficulties on the path to Allah Almighty.

He left the mortal world on Monday 12 Rabbi ul Awwal in the year 1324 Hijri
according to English calender 06th may 1906.

His Mazar Sharif (tomb) is at Memar Muhalla, Chopda (Khandesh), Jalgaon, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Urs Celebration
In the Date of 12th Rabbi ul Awwal
the Disciples, Trustees and Faithfull people's celebrate Urs Mubarak.
Mr. Asgar Shah, Mr. Wazeer Bhai, Mr. Al-Haaj A. Sattar Mistari and Mr. Al-Haaj Haaroon Shaikh etc....
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